Cheryl A. Widdrington

Licensed Paralegal

Hi, I’m Cheryl

I was born in Barrie, Ontario. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, I worked and lived in England for three years, while traveling through parts of Europe. I eventually returned to Barrie to settle permanently. How could I not? Barrie’s community atmosphere and the abundance of activities available at your doorstep are a positive attraction to this area.

Family, friends, sport, and animals fill my world with love. 

I have a passion for helping others. I have worked for many years in the social services field, family law, and supporting our youth. I particularly enjoy and learn from the innocence of our youth and the wisdom of our elders. 

My spare time has been filled with playing and coaching hockey, baseball, and volleyball. Today you will find me golfing in and around Simcoe County and exploring the forest trails with my labrador retriever, Ila, who has quite the personality. (although some days, I pretend she is not mine; kidding!)

I am a passionate community supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness, Heart & Stroke Foundation, and the Alzheimer’s Society. 


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Why Choose Us?

Over 23 years of experience in law and the judicial system

Professional rapport with the local judiciary and administrative support staff.

Advocate for fairness and equal rights to justice. We promote accessibility and affordable legal services.

Innovative and strategic in building a legal position; passionate about tackling matters with efficiency and transparency.

Offer a compassionate approach to navigate clients through a stressful and time-consuming process.

Ensure the legal jargon is translated into simple and comprehensive language for clients.

Understand that every person has a story to tell, without judgment.

Rehearsed in what must be proven, how to introduce reasonable doubt, and the rules of evidence.

Ability to understand all the elements of the case, separate the facts and present a strong position.

Member of the
Ontario Paralegal Association

OPA – Ontario Paralegal Association

Licensed With the
Law Society of Ontario


LSO – Law Society of Ontario
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Appointed Notary Public and Commissioners for taking Oaths

Public Speaking

Government of Ontario Family Support Worker’s forum: provided best practices for written submissions to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Family Court.

Upper Canada College:  provided awareness of literacy challenges in the Toronto region among the homeless and vulnerable population. I encouraged practical solutions to educating through one’s own environment such as learning the subway map, street signs, and grocery labels, particularly for pregnant and new mothers.


Core Values

Experience, Competence

Widdrington Legal acknowledges the importance of maintaining a reputable relationship with our clients and the community. We pride ourselves on delivering quality and transparent legal services at a reasonable rate.


Understanding of the Process

Are you concerned or fearful that by providing all the facts, you will be judged or that it would negatively impact your case? At Widdrington Legal, we have honest conversations about your available choices to consider and the costs (monetary and other) at each step of the process. Our open and welcome approach assists our clients in making well-informed decisions as to the direction of their matter.


Our Commitment

Let’s work it out, together!

We strive to provide accessible, affordable, and competent legal services and deliver with integrity. All clients have the right to seek justice, the right to be informed, the right to be heard, and the right to be respected. We advocate diligently on behalf of our clients and we are trusted to deliver impeccable legal services.